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Springtime Classic Charity Partners 2019



Ride for free


You can get your entry free refunded when your raise £100 or more for either of our charity partners on this event.


Just follow the links below that will lead you to the individual charitiy's JustGiving page. Set up an accont and start raising funds. After the event those that have raised £100 or more for either of our charity partners i.e The Sussex Heart Charity or Helping Rhinos, will get their entry free returned.



Helping Rhinos Click Here







The Sussex Heart Charity Click Here









At SRS Events we're always keen to support charities who wish to raise funds using our various cycling events.


We can organise specific events for charities or other organisations wishing to raise funds for good causes.


We can take all the hard work away when it comes to organising an event. We make sure that there are great fundraising tools in place to increase the revenue of charities that partner with our events.


We're always looking to increase the numbers of charities we work with.

Whatever your goals are in fund raising we have the the knowledge and experience to make a great event happen to make it easy for entrants to raise funds and in some cases offer a free ride to entrants that raise funds for charities.


It doesn't matter how big or small a charity is we can offer excellent cycling events that can help boost a charity's donations.





Our event packages offer very little cost or risk to the charity and great potential for fund raising.


If you are thinking of cycling events as a way to raise funds for you charity, we are here to help. SRS Events have been running Cyclosportive events for over 12 years with a team of staff that have many more years experience of running cycling events.




Give us a call to discuss your charities requirements and to find out more about our events.


Office 01273 695107

Mobile 07771928201.







Sussex  Heart Charity.

For over 12 years the Sussex Heart Charity have been using the events we run to raise the profile of their charity.





sussex heart charity

The Sussex Heart Charity supports care of the heart throughout Sussex Since 1987.

We have promoted excellence in cardiac related funding purchasing equipment, funding education and research, promoting resuscitation in the community and supporting cardiac rehabilitation service for those with heart disease.







Helping Rhino Charity

helping Rhino


phil liggetPhil Liggett is a Patron of the Helping Rhinos charity. The charity's aim is to raise awareness of the plight of the rhino by spreading the word as far and wide as possible. The charity wants to help people understand what they can do to make a difference for the Rhinos around the planet.

We believe that educating the next generation about the importance of conservation, which is vital to the long term success of conserving our wildlife. Enter any SRS Events Cyclosportive Series via the Just Giving Page. See each event for details.






Your charity can take advantage of the opportunities we offer to raise revenue.


Not only do we organise expert on-line fund raising tools via our partners JustGiving we can arrange on-line registration forms that are interactive with your charities fundraising, making it easy for participants to raise money for your charity.





Charities that become partners with the cyclosportives SRS Events organise can get discount codes which offer reduced entry places to charity fundraisers. For more details about discount codes for charities please contact SRS Events


Tel No 07771928201 - E-mail Click here





Just some examples of charities you could support :-


sussex heart charity   lukemia   age    center point    greenpeace


macmillian     martlets    oxfam   pop sus network    save the children


wwf    population matters    mind    breast cancer care    helping rinos


st dunstans   bht    sussex beacon trust    orangutan    crisis


well child   water aid    ms society     jsrf    cancer research uk





Lets work on ways we can help riders donate on our events and become long term supporters of your charity.


Tel No 01273 695107

Mobile 07771928201