29th March 2015





The Classic is the hardest and longest of the three rides on the Burgess Hill Springtime Classic event.

An excellent event to prepare for the cycling season ahead. The route is hard for this time of the year and should only be attempted by experienced cyclists able to ride for four or more hours over hilly terrain.


With a distance of 71 miles (114km) and 1653 metres of climbing, the route will test riders endurance. There are four feed stations on this ride to help riders around the course with the major feed station at Hever half way around this route.


Riders on the Classic route log in their timing chip at Hever and are advised to get as much food down them as possible at this excellent feed station. Hills on route include Pillow Mounds Hill, Kidds Hill,Groombridge hill and the infamous Cobb Lane hill. Riders will also have the chance to relish the many descents this testing course offers. For more info about the hills please go to the Riders Page







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The key event points are :-

  • Signing on time 7.40am until 8.40am

  • Start time, be at the start area for 8:30 Classic riders must start before 9.30am

  • Start and finish at London Meed School

  • 4 feed stations at :-

  • Danehill village Hall, Hever Village Hall, Forest Row community centre & Ardingly Pavillion.

  • Technical support

  • Event timing by SPORTident

  • 10mph average cut off speed broom wagon supplied!

  • Emergency medical service

  • Goody Bag



Men Under 18 4h 35 min 5h 05 min 7 hours
Women Under 18 4h 40 min 5h 10 min 7 hours
Men 18 - 39 4h 20 min 4h 55 min 7 hours
Women 18 - 39 4h 30 min 5h 05min 7 hours
Men 40 - 49 4h 35 min 5h 10min 7 hours
Women 40 -49 4h 40 min 5h 15min 7 hours
Men 50 - 59 4h 40 min 5h 20min 7 hours
Women 50 - 59 4h 45 min 5h 25min 7 hours
Men 60 & over 4h 55 min 5h 30min 7 hours
Women 60 & over 5h 00 min 5h 35min 7 hours

Nobody gets a prize for doing the fastest ride as the Springtime Classic is a cyclosportive event not a race ! Just finishing is an achievement in itself .

To give you an idea of standards fastest rides achieved on the Classic route:-

Best time in 2008  3h .58.43

Best time in 2009  3h. 50. 21

Best time in 2010  3h. 55. 33

Best Iime in 2011  3h  50 . 27  Slowest 6h 51. 49

You must finish this ride before 4.30pm after this time you will be picked up by the Broom Wagon.



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