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23rd August 2015






The Burgess Hill Rumble Classic ride is the hardest and longest of the Burgess Hill Rumble and should only be attempted by experienced cyclists.


With a distance of over 92 miles (147km) and 6132 feet of climbing you might think the course designers at SRS Events are determined on making you earn those event awards at the end of the ride. But we at SRS Events believe a little bit of manageable adversity is what serious experienced cyclosportive riders are looking for in a cyclosportive route, its just not fun if it's easy.


Linking the South Downs with the North Downs the route offers riders a friendly scenic route which takes riders up iconic climbs such as Yorks Hill, Toys Hill, and Kidds Hill.



Photo above of the top of Kidds Hill. Riders will hopefully see the light at the end of the tunnel on this harsh climb.



Photo above: the Start of Groombridge Hill now locally know as " Col du Groombridge"


yourks hill

Photo above: Yorks Hill a winding steep climb. This hil is iconic hill which has been used as a hill climb hill by many cycling clubs.

cob lane

Photo above the start of the cleat breaking Cob Lane Hill. Short but steep this climb has a gradient of 20%. Save some leng strength for this climb.




  • Fast signing on in the morning at Cyprus Hall

  • Start time from 8.00am, last rider off at 9.30am

  • 4 feeding stations

  • Toilets available at all feed stations

  • All feed stations have free savoury foods and energy drink

  • A selection of savoury foods available at all feed stations

  • Mechanical support available on route.

  • Event timing by SPORTident

  • All riders will receive a Continental inner tube on the day

  • Emergency medical assistance

  • Certificates downloadable from the SPORTident

  • Complimentary snack meal after the ride available free to all entrants.

  • Avelo Images Event Photographers on course photos available online after the event at a reduced rate.

  • SRS Events on-line loyalty scheme ensures that all on-line entrants will be entitled to at least a 10% discount subsequent events.

  • Comprehensive route markings for all routes.






You can download details of this map on to your garmin etc.







Distance 75.9 

Elevation 3433 ft 

Maximum gradient 8.7%





All feed stations have savoury foods, fruit and various cakes to keep your energy levels high.

There is also free energy drink for riders.


Toilets are available at each feed station.



4 Feed stations are available on the Classic route.


Men under 18 5h 10 min 6hr 10 min 7 hours
Women under 18 5hr 15 min 6 hr 15 min 7 hours
Men 18 - 39 4hr 40 min 5 hr 40 min 7 hours
Women 18 - 39 4hr 50 min 5hr 50min 7 hours
Men 40 - 49 5hr 10 min 6hr 10 min 7 hours
Women 40 - 49 5hr 15 min 6hr 15 min 7 hours
Men 50 - 59 5hr 20 min 6hr 20 min 7 hours
Women 50 - 59 5hr 25 min 6hr 25min 7 hours
Men 60 & over 5hr 30 min 6hr 30 min 7 hours
Women 60 & over 5hr 35 min 6hr 35 min 7 hours