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Avelo Images the official photographers at the Burgess Hill Rumble Cyclosportive.





cob lane

Rider climbs the infamous Cob Lane Hill

Photo by Sarah Bane Avelo Images.


































DATE OF EVENT 05/08/18









Burgess Hill town centre will again host the start & finish of all four routes of The Burgess Hill Rumble.

Burgess Hill Rumble is the flagship founding event of the SRS Events cyclosportive series. The longest route called the 'BEAST' is know as being the hardest cyclosportive route in the southeast of the UK.




The Rumble Cyclosportive is know as the big brother of the Springtime Classic cyclosportive which is held every year in March. The Rumble Cyclosportive held in uses similar routes to the Springtime Classic but all routes are longer, plus there is one extra long route already mentioned called the Beast route.


So the four excellent routes on this cyclosportive which travel over some of the most beautiful parts of Ashdown Forest and the Weald mean that everybody has a route they can try that can test their fitness levels.



The Beast Route is extremely hard though at 93 miles and with over 7380 feet of climbing it should only be considered as the route to choose by the strongest of cyclosporitve riders. Thankfully the other 3 routes should cater to all other abilities, offering a great day out on the bike for all that take part.


With great signage ensuring you don't get lost and excellent feed stations no wonder this ride has beenCOB so popular ride every year it has been staged.


If you have ever rode the Springtime Classic event in March or have ridden this route before, you will know that the Beast route has many iconic climbs and descents to test riders ability against the ravages of gravity.


 Notably the Beast route also has Yorks Hill and Toys Hill to tests riders climbing ability.  Other hills on the Rumble include Pillow Mounds Hill, Kidds Hill, Groombridge Hill and the infamous short but steep climb of Cob Lane Hill. The Rumble is a real hill climb & descent festival, set in some really scenic countryside. Set in the Month of August the Rumble will test your ability on the bike when you hopefully should be at your fittest.






All riders taking part in the Burgess Hill Rumble will receive a FREE Continental Race 28 700c inner tube which retails at £6.99.



continental inner tube





All riders taking part in the Burgess Hill Rumble will receive a a free Secret Training water bottle, Stealth energy gel & Stealth energy powder. Also all feed stops will have Secret Training Stealth Energy drink of various flavours will to make sure no riders run out of energy.

secret triing







ashdown forest

Photo above: Beautiful scenery on route in the Ashdown Forest

hever castle

Photo above: Lake near Chiddingstone Castle.

The Hills on the

Rumble Cyclosportive

The Rumble Cyclosportive sets out on some lovely roads around Sussex, traveling over the stunning wooded areas of Ashdown Forest. If you are doing the Beast route at 93 miles the route travels into parts of Kent and Surrey.


There are five notable hilly sections on the routes with the main hills and descents being :-


Pillow Mounds Hill. First, you have to cross a ford before stating this first real test on the Springtime Classic.


Kidds Hill Know locally as the WALL this hill is a sit in the saddle type of hill and grovel for most riders.


Groombridge Hill Now renamed the Col du Groombridge only riders taking Classic or Beast Route tackle this hill. It has no run-up and should be given respect. It's best not to go to hard on this hill to save some energy in your legs for the rest of the ride.


Yorks Hill is well know in the cycling world as being the hill that Catford CC use for their hill climb event later in the season. The Catford CC Hill Climb is probably the oldest cycling event in the world and it's no suprise that riders come back each year to test their climbing ability on this climb. The Yorks Hill Climb is one of the Steepest climbs in the south of England although it averages out at about 12.5% in gradient, closer to the top there  are sections which are 20% or more in gradient. Don't worry if you are suffering up this climb .........that's completely normal.



Toys Hill. Another hill in the Kent Alps that riders on the Beast route of the Rumble Cyclosportive have to conqure.

Riders approach the top of Toys Hill from the north via Brasted. This hill is just over 2 miles long and climbs just under 500 ft in elevation. Only those taking part in the Beast route go up both Yorks Hill and Toys Hill. The top of Toys hill is the highest point of the Beast route and at this point you can try and kid yourself that it's all down hill from here on to the finish. These foolish thoughts can be boosted with an extremely fast descent down Toys Hill itself, but please take care on this descent as carbon frames don't do so well in crashes over 40 mph.



Cob Lane Hill The infamous Cob Lane Hill with its 20% gradient is a cycling shoe cleat wrecker as many are forced to walk this part of the course with its extra gravity. We recommend that riders save some energy and strength in the legs for this hill as you don't want to walk the walk of shame. Cob Lane is a regular place for the official event photographers Avelo Images to take a picture of you enjoying the event!


Ardingly Reservoir The final set of really testing hills are the Ardingly reservoir hills near Balcombe which is rapidly becoming a hot spot for the fracking Industry which is looking for for shale gas in the area. Hopefully, your legs won't be to fracked by the time you get to these hills. A feed station in Ardingly just before these hills should help.


If this talk of hills and gradients hasn't put you off then you should probably enter now using this 20% discount code    RUMBLE20RT   use this discount code when entering via SI Entries.




More details about the climbs and descents on the Riders Page CLICK HERE


Kidds Hill

Above Kidds Hill



Groombridge Hill

Groombridge Hill



Yorks Hill


yourks hill

Yorks Hill



cob lane

Cob Hill




There are some great descents on the Rumble Cyclosportive, two notable descents are :-


Colemans Hatch Road

This descent is probably the most scenic on route traveling through Ashdown Forest it has some great views of the surrounding countryside.


Blackdown Hill Road

This road goes down for 3 miles before an incline and then another drop of about a mile or more. It's a lovely descent and surrounded by some lovely parts of Ashdown Forest. It takes fast riders over 9 min to descend. It's a real treat and a great chance to take a drink from your bidon and eat some food from your back pocket to make ready and be prepared for what lies ahead. For more information about these major hills and descents on the Rumble Cyclosportive go to the individual ride details top right of this page.


Ride with GPS phone app

We are urging everybody this year to download the route maps on to their bike computers or their phones using the Ride with GPS app. We will as usual, be supplying paper maps when you sign on at the HQ on the morning of the event, but we think this app is a great way to make sure everybody feels confident on which way to go. You hopefully won't need to use this app or your GPS bike computer to find your way around as arrows will be placed every mile and numerous arrows will point riders in the right direction at turn points, but downloading the rotue on to your bike computer or phone will help if those arrows go missing.






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