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DATE OF EVENT: 05/08/2018



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Start times for Riders are listed below. These are only a guide to cut down on queuing times for riders. You can start any time between 8.30 and 9.30am. The Beast route riders are advised to queue at the start at 8.15 to be ready to start at 8.30am









The Descents


Coleman's Hatch Hill

This a drop of 272 feet in 1.9 miles. This is a fantastic descent which gives you time to eat and drink before the climb of Kidds Hill. Some of the best views of the ride can be seen from this descent. Only Challenge, Classic and Beast Route riders go down this road.

Black Down Hill

With out doubt a really great descent. This hill descend for 5.7 miles with a drop of 565 ft. There is a descent of 3 miles which is just glorious then an incline to climb for about a mile and a half followed by another descent of around a mile. This whole descent is again in the Ashdown Forest area and a real treat with views to savor as you descend on this part of the ride. Only Challenge, Classic and Beast route riders go down this road.



After climbing Yorks Hill your legs will be glad to get a rest and the Church Lane descent offers that chance to have a rest. Once at the bottom you are only a short ride away from the next feed stop where all Beast Route riders should log in their timing chip.




No Strava Map for this descent. Just a warning that this descent is dangerous. Massive speeds of 40mph plus can be achieved down this hill. So we urge you to take it easy and think of yours and others safety first before descending like a brick dropped from a high place. Take notice of the warning signs and be ready to stop to avoid potential hazards. You have been warned.


The Hills



The first big test for all riders this hill is also a shock after riding relatively flat roads on route to this climb. It's a dead start ie not much of a run up to the start of the hill. Riders have to cross a small ford before starting this climb. This climb starts off hard but starts to level off half way up.



First thing to know before Kidds Hill is that there is a lovely descent down Colemans Hatch road which lasts around 2 miles before any climbing needs to be done. This descent is an excellent time to nock back some energy drink and have something to eat. Kidds hill is a tough climb, locally it is called "The Wall" for obvious reason. This is a sit in the saddle type of hill, where it's ideal to save any out of the saddle climbing till the last few meters. Remember on the Rumble Cyclosportive what goes up must come down and there is a fantastic descent of 2 miles down Black Down Hill a few miles after this hill.


This hill is only on the Classic & Beast route and as hills go we can say it's easier than Kidds Hill but if you feel any signs of weakness on this hill you will be wise to make sure you get plenty of food and drink at the Feed Stations coming up. For Beast route riders that are really feeling the strain on this climb you can always opt for the Classic route instead.



Yorks Hill in the depths of the Kentish Alps is only on the Beast route. This hill is famous in the cycling world as it is used by the Catford CC for their hill climb TT later in the season. The Catford CC Hill Climb is probably the oldest cycling event in the world.  As we have said on other parts of this website if you are suffering on this hill, that is totally normal, and you can take some encouragement that at the beginning of this climb you are half way around the route.


TOYS HILL (From the North)

In life we all have to do things that are hard that we don't want to do. But also in life there are things that are hard that give great rewards. Part of conquering the Beast route is getting up this 2 mile hill with its 5% gradinet. The reward is the descent on the other side, but be careful ! Speeds of 40mph plus can be achieved on the tricky descent of Toys Hill.



There's no apologies from the route planners for taking riders up this hill*.

This short but steep climb has parts that are 20% in gradient and averages out at 16%. It is the steepest hill on route and Infamous for its ability to make riders get off and walk "the walk of shame" to the pleasure of Avelo Images photographers who can be found taking picture of riders on this hill.

This hill is the main shoe cleat breaker of the event as many riders are forced to walk. Save a bit of leg strength for this hill and you will make it.


* ok we are actually sorry but what doesn't kill you makes you stronger :-)



There are two main climbs around the Ardingly reservoir that riders should be aware of. With tired legs and still some way to go before you are enjoying that after ride meal at the HQ, it's best to take it easy on these hills as time can be made up on the flater roads coming up back to Burgess Hill. Climbed by all routes