The Etape du Sussex Cyclosportive 2020






The Etape du Sussex is a route to savour ! Hilly in its first half, riders will have to gauge their efforts and maybe save some energy for the flatter faster second half of the route.

Etape du Sussex doesn't have any extremely steep climbs, so no worries there. What the Etape du Sussex does have though is a mixture of long false flats with a mixture of smaller climbs especially in the beginning of the route. Some great descents are available too, most notably the descent of Kidds hill. Those that rode the Springtime Classic earlier in the year will no doubt be glad that this route is going down Kidds hill rather than up.  The descent of Kidds Hill  is rapid to say the least so take care on this descent, and enjoy!


The whole route is extremely beautiful and the majority of the route should be relatively car free. Please ride with due care and attention and follow the highway code at all times.






Standards Male Riders


Men under 18 5h 35 min  6h 35 min 7h 50 min
Men 18 - 39 5h 15 min 6h 20 min 7h 50 min
Men 40 - 49 5h 25 min 6h 35min 7h 50 min
Men 50 -59 5h 35 min 6h 45min 7h 50min
Men over 60 6h 00 min 7h 00min 7h 50min


Standards for Female Riders


Women under 18 5h 55min 6h  45 min 7h 50 min
Women 18-39 5h 35min 6h 30 min 7h 50 min

Women 40-49

5h 55min 6h 45 min 7h 50 min
Women 50-59 6h 05 min 6h 55 min 7h 50 min
Women  over 60 6h 20 min 7h 10 min 7h 5 0min



You must finish this ride Before 4.30pm after this time you will be picked up by the Broom Wagon.



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