young lad on a bike


Tour de France Riders Pack

Riders Insurance

All Riders are required to take out their own travel insurance for this trip, SRS Events can take no responsibility for


Kit List

As there is an option to ride each day on this trip to the Tour de France you will need to be prepared for all conditions.

* Short sleeve jerseys at least 3, Cycling Shorts at least 3 pairs * Leg warmers and Arm warmers * Race cape/shower jacket * Hard shell helmet * Under vests at least 3* Wind proof Gilet * Cotton socks at leasts 3 pairs * Track mitts * Cotton racing Cap and warm cold weather Hat * warm gloves * Sun Glasses * Sun Cream/Block * 2 large water bottles * Energy drink and bars.

Bike Spares & Tools

You should have a big enough tool bag that fits under your saddle to take the following.

3 spare inner tubes * tyer levers *  multi tool with allen keys * puncture repair kit * chain link extractor with spare conecting chain links.

You should also have a pump on your bike.


Check your bike

You don't want to come on this trip and then find that you bike is broken. Make sure you carry out a thorough check on your bike beforehand. If you are not a skilled mechanic we suggest that you take your bike into a reputable cycle shop to have it checked over.


Day Rides

Planned routes for each day will be listed here:-

3 Tuesday  50 mile ride

4 Wednesday  50 mile ride

5 Thursday  up to 65 mile ride

6 Friday 35 mile ride

Maps and details of the above rides to follow.